Laramie County faces unique challenges to preserve the balance of urban and rural economic development and growth. Gunnar Malm understands and welcomes these challenges with innovative thinking.

Let's make infrastructure a priority in Laramie County.

Properly funding rural fire districts, reducing turnover in law enforcement, and expanding Laramie County's tax base to support growth in services without increasing taxes remain the top challenges for all county residents. It is possible to leverage our revenue in smart and responsible ways!

Let's achieve a reasonable and appropriate role for government in the economic growth of Laramie County.

Laramie County must invest in itself! Taking steps to encourage entrepreneurship in a diverse economy will pay dividends for generations. Regulations are not inherently bad, but any and all regulations must be made with the intention of protecting the people and land of Laramie County without the unintended effect of stifling business. 

Let's reframe how we think about diversification.

Diversification is not a four-letter word. It is essential to securing the growth and prosperity of Laramie County. A diverse economy is a strong economy; thinking long-term will prevent Laramie County from falling victim to the whims of any one industry. A diverse population brings diversity in economy and thought. It is possible to welcome this diversity and celebrate the uniqueness of Laramie County.

Let's balance private property rights and responsible growth.

As Laramie County grows, a sound plan to pay for expanded infrastructure and increased services is essential. Sustainable growth for all county residents is the only way to achieve this balance.

Let's work together to promote the best interests of all residents.

When it comes to the agendas of county and municipal governments, prosperity is not a zero-sum game! Over 67% of Laramie County residents live in incorporated and unincorporated municipal jurisdictions. Ultimately, the decisions made at the county level directly impact all of these residents. Since Cheyenne is the largest of these population centers, it's critical to have a city resident serving on the County Commission.