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Laramie County faces unique challenges to preserve the balance of urban and rural economic development and growth. Gunnar Malm understands and welcomes these challenges with innovative thinking, and has been hard at work turning his vision for Laramie County's future into reality. Gunnar's commitment to economic diversification, conservative and measured use of county resources, and a collaborative, civil approach to government translates to a thriving future for all Laramie County residents.

Oversaw the most transparent and successful 6th Penny ballot construction and passage in Laramie County's history.

Successfully worked with industry and the legislature to protect economic development in Laramie County by speaking in favor of the sales and use tax exemption for Data Centers.  

Worked with fellow Commissioners to maintain a conservative budget while preventing a loss of services to residents or reduction in staffing.


Worked with our Treatment Coordinator, Judicial Branch partners, and community members to protect our successful Treatment Court Programs during state and local budget cuts.

Efficiently distributed nearly $2 million of CARES Act funding to local nonprofits during the pandemic.

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